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 …its Name is "OVERHEAD!"
* This does not replace your current accounting software *
* Also you don't need accounting software to use this system *
Calculate Every Number Your Business Needs
To Immediately Increase Profit Margins!


All Overhead Costs Including Rate Per Hour, Percentage of Labor and Annual


All Break-Even Costs Including Rate Per Hour | Week | Month | Annual and Sales Revenue


All Labor Burden Costs Including Rate Per Hour, Percentage of Labor and Annual


All Business Numbers can be broken out by Divisions | Crews | Departments or any way you Require.
What is Business Overhead…

 And Why Do You Need To Know It? 

 And Why Do You Need To Know It? 

Mark Lallemand

Tallmadge, Ohio
Dear Business Owner,

Welcome to MyOverhead.com! If this is your first time here, then you're probably wondering,




Am I Right?
Why you need to know your Overhead?
Watch this Short Video Now!
Let Me Show You Why Thousands
Of Small Business Owners
Are Currently Abandoning Manual Calculations for MyOverhead.com
But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you to understand what Overhead is, and more importantly, why do YOU need to Know It.

 Did you know 
 Incorrect Overhead Valuation is the #1 reason why Business Owners don’t see higher Profit Margins…?

And in over 212 different business industries the median Profit Margin is ONLY 6.5%

But… when overhead is calculated, applied correctly and pricing recovers all operational expenses, averages show 2X to 4X more in profits margins than the national averages (and more importantly they KEEP 19.5% more Profits)

Yes, up to  4 times the profit  of annual sales!

That is pretty cool, don’t you think?

But, what does that have to do with you and your business?

Well, If you’re like most business owners who sell products or services, you’ve set up a business, priced your products and services and started selling…

...probably setting your pricing structure to what your competitors are selling it for to be competitive…

…or only figuring labor and product costs and randomly throwing a percentage on for overhead, hoping the price will cover all costs.

However, just like a lot of businesses, even if people are buying, often times, after all costs, including overhead, you’re probably not left with enough for it to even seem to matter :(

And that’s when you realize that if you want to make higher profit margins, you can’t ignore or incorrectly calculate your overhead costs any longer.

You need to do what Fortune 500 companies do, and that is to know your exact 'Overhead Costs.

But instead, business owners try to figure everything out on their own…

…scratching their heads, not sure what is needed or taking days if not weeks to calculate everything out manually, with little success…

…and one mistakes sends them back to the beginning to start all over again, meaning even more wasted time and costs.

Not to mention this needs to be done every month or whenever any expenses change, which never happens…right ;)

You know it works for big businesses, you have seen it work on reality shows, I am sure…and you KNOW it will work for your business.

Where businesses go from low or no profits…

And turn around to immediately start seeing increased profit margins…

This is why you need to know your exact  "Overhead Costs..." 

So, Will MyOverhead Work for Your Type of Company?...
Yes, no matter what business type you are in, MyOverhead.com will work for your company.

Service Based Businesses: Such as Contractors, Attorneys, Doctors, Dentists, Car Repair, Salons, Pet Groomers, Consultants, Accountants…and so many more!

Manufacturing Businesses: From Clothing, Chemicals, Meat Packaging, Steel, Paints, Rubber, Packaging…with so many more!

Retail Businesses: Including Large Retail, Mom & Pop Stores, Clothing, Sports, Hardware…and so many more!

Restaurants: All types from large to small, Individual locations to multiple, Bars, Buffets, Coffee Shops, Wine, Pizza Shops, Night Clubs…with so many more!

However, it is how overhead is applied for each specific business type that changes.

There are certain ways overhead needs to be applied for each type of business, a service based business is different from a manufacturing business, manufacturing is different from a retail business, retail is different from restaurants and so on…

That means all businesses, I don’t care if you’re selling services, information or physical products…
Yes, if you own or operate a Business,
MyOverhead.com WILL work for you!
And MyOverhead.com is the ONLY tool that will Calculate

 Every Operating Cost Number Your Business Needs
 to Immediately Increase Profit Margins 

 Every Operating Cost  Number Your  Business Needs to  Immediately Increase  Profit Margins 

Look how MyOverhead Immediately helped Greg Blanchard Increase his Profit Margins by 9% from the previous year in less than 1 Month...
"Thank you Mark!
You and Myoverhead.com have absolutely been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my company! I have struggled trying to figure out my exact costs on my own for years and even after asking other contractors and my CPA, I received no real answers or a fix to my struggle. From an internet search I found your site and I was hopeful this was the answer I was looking for and signed up. I took the numbers your site showed me and applied them to my company immediately. The results from doing so had an immediate impact on my company’s profit margins and in less than a month my profits are now up 9% from the previous year.
"in less than a month my profits are now up 9% from the previous year"
The stress from the cost guessing game is now finally behind me. Thank you again and I hope anyone who is struggling with their business costs, pricing their services or profits not where they want them to be, should give your system a try. I am sure they will find the same success with it as I have. You’re a life ( business ) savior!"
Greg Blanchard
Greg Blanchard Electric
If you’ve tried in the past to calculate your business’ overhead, break-even or labor burden costs and have fallen short due to the complicated process…

…Counted on your Accountant, Accounting Software or any other program and still don’t know your Exact Overhead Costs.

Then I want you to watch this quick video that will show you how simple your life can become when you start using MyOverhead.com
Want to See MyOverhead in Action?
Watch this MyOverhead Demo NOW!
Does MyOverhead Replace your
Current Accounting Software?

MyOverhead is  not a replacement for your Accounting Software.  You will use your trial balance or profit & loss report generated from your Accounting Program to enter your information into MyOverhead.com online overhead cost system.

What If You Do Not Use
Accounting Software?
If You Do Not use Accounting Software…
If You have inaccurate data…
Or If you are a startup company…

 Do Not Worry! 

MyOverhead makes it easy with our simple questionnaire entry type form.

You quickly go through the questionnaire form and enter your information from the “already done for you” expense types listed.

This ensures you get all of your costs entered and you do not miss anything.

With MyOverhead you do not need any accounting experience or math skills to use our system.
How Long Does Entering My Data Take?
Entry into MyOverhead is quick and extremely easy. Most customers have their information entered into the system in Less than an Hour and once entered, updating your data only takes seconds.
Upload Your Data Quickly using one of our pre-built downloadable templates. Use Excel, Google Sheet or favorite spreadsheet software to upload your data quickly into the system.

Let Me Show You How  Simple
It Is To Use MyOverhead.com

Step #1

 Enter Your Company Data 

“You Start by Entering your Company Data into our system and the process is Extremely Fast and Easy!!“…
MyOverhead.com is powerful enough to allow you to quickly enter your company’s expense data, yet simple enough you can plugin YOUR expenses or use our expense upload feature. Use your Profit & Loss Report from your accounting software or our simple questionnaire form if you don’t have up to date data or don’t use accounting software.
Eliminate all the Guessing in what you should or shouldn’t include in your numbers to Calculate your True Exact Overhead and Break-Even Costs“…
Employer Tax Share
Next you simply enter your company’s employer tax share into the MyOverhead.com system. Your employer’s tax share is easily found online if you are unsure of the percentages you pay on each employee. Our system takes care of the rest of the calculations.
“You Don’t NEED to have any Experience in Accounting or be a Math Genius to Get your True Costs!”…
After entering taxes you then start Entering Employees which is fast and easy. You can enter your employees individually or download our template and upload all of your employees with just a click. Once uploaded, maintaining and keeping current only takes seconds.
“The system is completely Safe and Secure and we have been the Trusted Source for Businesses to Calculate True Overhead and Break-Even Costs Since 2001“…
Labor Groups
Next comes Labor Groups which is the heart of our system. Assign your employees to different labor groups and all of your business overhead and remaining numbers can be viewed by those labor groups. Create labor group divisions, crews, departments, sections or how ever you would like to see your numbers broken out. You can adjust the amount of expenses each group has applied to it by percentage or hours.
“The myOverhead System will give you the Exact Numbers needed to Guarantee Maximum Profit Margin Levels are achieved and stay percicely where you want them to be”…
Workers Comp
To finish you simply enter your company’s workers compensation amount into the system. You can enter it in three ways: lumpsum, percentage or per employee.
“After all your data is quickly entered, the System will Instantly Calculate your Numbers to reveal your Overhead Rate, Break-Even Rate and your Burden Costs for your Company”…
Step #2

 Numbers & Reporting 

“The myOverhead System has reports that are Easy to Understand and used to Establish your Correct Pricing Structure for the Services and Products you sell“…
Summary Reports
View all of your numbers instantly, choose from the drop down view to see how each labor group stacks up against your overall company numbers. This makes it easy to determine each labor group, department, crews, etc… Overhead and Break-Even Costs. Once known, making pricing adjustments to ensure desired profit margins are reached is easily achieved.
“You will Use the Calculated Numbers the myOverhead system Reports Provide to Ensure you are Recovering all of your Operating Costs in your Pricing Structure“…
Overhead Reporting
With the Overhead Report your numbers are all broken out so you can see exactly what makes up your overhead costs for your company. You are able to also use the view drop down just like in the summary reports to see all your overhead costs for each labor group you create.
Effortlessly Keep your Numbers Current because Updating your Data only takes Minutes to Apply Changes for your company”…
Break-Even Reporting
The Break-Even Report will display your numbers that make up your Exact Break_Even rate per hour. In the Summary report you can see your Break-Even numbers for each labor group you create. Use this number for every direct labor employee hour worked. This number will determine if you are charging the correct price for your services or products you sell.
“Updating your Data as your numbers change will Eliminate Profit Margin Erosion in your Business”…
Burden Reporting
With the Burden Report your numbers are all broken out so you can see exactly what makes up your labor burden costs for every employee. You are able to also use the view drop down just like in the summary reports to see all your burden costs for each labor group you create.
“The Experience has honestly been quite fascinating. With the training, I was able to learn how my company can be competitive while still being profitable. I never fully knew where I was going wrong until now. If you are looking for the correct way to price your products and/or services, then you should give myOverhead.com a try. The process is easy to follow and the training you will receive will help you and your business continue on the path to success and higher profits. I am very satisfied with my decision to work with Mark and the myOverhead team of professionals. I am truly looking forward to the future success of my company like never before.”
Robert Dibble
Owner, Amp’d Electric
Knowledge is Everything!… and Maximizing your Profit Margins is Easy when you have the Correct Information your business needs”…

 MyOverhead+Detailed Reporting 

 MyOverhead+Detailed Reporting 

Gives You EVERYTHING You Need for Precise Numbers, Accurate Pricing, and Improved Profit Margins!
Now, I know I have shown you some interesting material, and there are literally DOZENS of other awesome things I could show you inside of myOverhead.com to immediately increase your business profit margins…

But my goal isn’t to ‘SELL’ you myOverhead.com, because today I wanted to make you a very special offer where you can try myOverhead.com Risk Free for 60 Days on me!…

Yes, that means you can get your own myOverhead.com account today with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee, and use everything for the next 60 days, and put us the test…

If we don’t completely Simplify your life in Calculating your Overhead & Break-Even costs, Increase your Profit Margins and help you to FINALLY have a Pricing Structure that recovers all your Business Operating costs, then let us know anytime in that 60 day window (heck, you can even bypass us and just cancel anytime from inside of the account dashboard) and we will give you a full refund…

But, before you get started, I wanted to give you a few things to help guarantee your success. Let me show you:

Here Are  3 Gifts  You will To Help You Succeed When You Signup For The myOverhead Overhead Calculating & Profit Margin System Today!

Here Are  3 Gifts  You will To Help You Succeed When You Signup For The myOverhead Overhead Calculating & Profit Margin System Today!

 Gift #1 
 Future Projection Calculator

When you signup today I am going to give you our “Future Projection Calculator”…

Have you wondered what it would be like to see into the future?…

Well a lot of business owners drive their business with blinders on, but with this calculator you can start seeing what is ahead of you and your business when you use this calculator… Because you can make quick but accurate decisions for your businesses based on future projections…

Let me explain… Say you wanted to bring on a new employee but wanted to see how it will affect your overall numbers…

You could go and enter a fake employee into the system but we made this simple but useful calculator so you don’t have to. Because it will show you how your numbers can instantly change from one decision to the next without messing with your real data in the system…
This Calculator will fill in your data from the system and you have four different projections you can change…

Overhead: here you can make a simple change in your overall expenses such as a new vehicle purchase or a hiring a new indirect employee and hit calculate to see how it will affect your numbers… 

Burden: here you can add or subtract employer burden from your numbers. Say you wanted to add some health coverage for your employees. Quickly enter it here to see how your burden per hour and burden percentage will increase or decrease…

Average Labor Rate: with this entry you can see how if you give raises to your employees how it will affect your average labor rate for your entire business…
Number of Employees: this is for direct labor employees, so if you decide to layoff an employee or hire a new one just enter a new count here to see how your overhead per hour will increase or decrease for your overall company numbers…

Employee Hours/Employee: use this section to measure efficiency levels of production in your employees. If you are only getting say 75% production and want to increase it to 80%, you can make a quick change in the amount of direct labor hours worked to see how your numbers will be affected…

This one calculator is worth the entire price of our system…
Because it can immediately help you identify ways to save thousands of dollars and skyrocket profit margins in ways you never thought possible in your business. 

 Gift #2 
 Break-Even Calculator

You may be wondering what is the purpose of this calculator if you already have your break even rate from our system?…
  • Break Even Volume Projection Calculator 
  •  Sales Volume Projection Calculator 
  •  Net Profit Projection Calculator
Break Even Volume Calculator: allows you to see exactly how much revenue you need to bring in just to break even for your business. This will include all of your costs including products, material, labor etc… It will not include your profit margin…

Sales Volume Projection Calculator: this will allow you to see how much in total sales you need to bring into your business including your profit margin you want to make. It will show you what your profit margins will look like if you fall short of your overall goals…

Net Profit Projection: This is an added entry that will show you gross profit and net profit margins based on break-even or sales volume projections in your business…

This Calculator is so helpful because it allows you to make adjustments as your business’s sales change, PLUS use it for when the market or economy starts to change as well…

With this calculator it helps you make sure you reach your desired revenue goals and shows you what happens if you fall short of your overall goal…

This one tool will help you take action if you start to see a drop in your revenue… Because if you know what your real numbers are to hit your desired profit margin goals you can stay ahead of any situation that may arises in your business.

If all you got was this one calculator it is worth the entire cost of our system: Because it can help you stay ahead of the game and make thousands of dollars for your business just because you keep yourself informed with real projections that will make a considerable difference in profit margin levels.

 Gift #3 
 Profit Markup Calculator

A lot of businesses don’t know the difference in profit markup and profit margin and because of this they fall way short of their profit margin goals from one miscalculation when adding profit to their final price for their services or products sold…
As you can see here when you multiply your final price before markup with a standard markup percentage, your actual gross profit margin is far less than what you were expecting…

The problem here is as you markup your cost with a higher percentage the gross profit margin loss gap gets larger as well…

So if you are wanting a 15% profit margin and just multiply your final price by 15% your actual gross profit margin is only 13% not the 15% you were expecting. It is a difference of 2%

However, if you are looking for say a 30% profit margin the difference is 7% less than what you were expecting leaving you only 23% profit margin
Now to see a true gross profit margin you are looking for, you would need to use a multiplier instead of a percentage markup as the image shows above…
With our handy calculator, you simply put in the price before markup and the desired gross profit margin and press calculate…

The calculator will then display the correct selling price with the correct gross profit margin calculated into the price…

This one calculation is miscalculated by over 97% of most business owners resulting in a profit margin difference at the end of the year…

This difference leaves most business owners puzzled and can’t figure out why their profit margins don’t match up on their year-end P&L report…

With this calculator it helps you make sure you reach your desired profit margin goals

This one calculator can help you make so much more money for your business… like Greg Blanchard who says: “this calculator has saved me thousands of dollars from improperly marking up my final price over the years and it easily pays for the entire myOverhead.com System for me”… 

The knowledge of this one simple calculation can immediately increase your profit margins across the board in your business!
“I decided to give Mark a call from MyOverhead.com over four years ago and it truly has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. If you are waiting and not sure about giving Mark and MyOverhead.com a try, you are making a big mistake. The piece of mind it brings you knowing you are covering all of your costs is beyond measure. I was able to increase my profits dramatically and now know whenever I stepped onto a project, I have covered all of my costs and I am making money. The training is straight forward and easy to follow. I am 100% satisfied with Mark and his team of professionals at myOverhead.com and love knowing I am charging the right price and covering all of my costs.”
Kevin Skelton
Owner, KPS Plumbing
Are you excited about myOverhead.com yet?… If so, then NOW is the time to take action and get started with your company
Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get  When You Join MyOverhead.com Today
End Profit Margin Erosion and Start Increasing your Business Profit Margins Immediately!...
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  •  Gift #2: Future Projection Calculator to perform what if scenarios on your company to see how it will change your overall cost ($997 Value)
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Total Value: $8,479 / Year
Get Started Today For:
MyOverhead: As a result of working with the online service, Halprin Industries identified its actual overhead costs. in January, the company changed its pricing structure. By March, profits were up 4 percent from the previous year."
Mike Jerry
Vice President, Halprin industries
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  • How quickly will I get my overhead and break-even costs? This is completely dependent upon you, but if you follow the simple entry forms and our process the goal is to have your data entered in 1 hour or less! This depends on your company employee count of course, the more employees you have to enter into the system, it may take you a little longer than average but with our new import feature entering one by one is a thing of the past. Also, It comes down to your ability to put the effort in, once you start simply do whatever you can to push through and get to the end. Because once you do maintaining it is easy.
  • How much money can my company make? Unfortunately there is no way we can answer that realistically. Every company is different, different costs and employee counts, etc., so it’s impossible to answer. How much you make will be completely up to you. But knowing your company’s exact overhead and break-even costs will surely put you on the right path to start making money on the services or products you offer.
  • Can’t I just figure this out on my own? Probably…but why would you want to? One mistake will send you back to the beginning, and so many people have tried with a lot of wasted time and effort. Wouldn’t you rather just take a short-cut to save countless weeks and months of time to learn what has already been proven to work? Look, we’ve spent thousands of hours and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars testing and tweaking the MyOverhead calculating system since 2001 simply so you don’t have to. But hey, if you want to spend your valuable time trying to figure this out on your own, you certainly can.
  • Once I have my overhead and break-even costs why would I want to stay signed up? Because your company’s overhead and break-even costs continue to change. We recommend checking your numbers every month, but some customers check weekly while others check them quarterly, the choice is yours to make. If any of your company’s expenses change such as rent, utilities, buying a new computer a new printer etc. or also adding or subtracting an employee can drastically change your overhead rate and break-even costs. Staying signed up allows your company to monitor the changes and actively take steps to ensure you are recouping all your company’s cost in your pricing structure.
  • How long do I have access to the system? The MyOverhead calculating system is available online with unlimited access 24/7. As long as you are a member in good standing, your access will never be revoked. To give you even more piece of mind, since 2001 we have had a 99.99% uptime rate. we have multiple backups and if something goes wrong we even have multiple servers we can simply turn on to ensure your up and running.
  • Is there a guarantee? We have a 60 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. So, YES, your purchase is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not happy with MyOverhead for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll happily refund every penny. No questions asked.
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DISCLAIMER: The overhead and profit figures stated above are my personal overhead and profit figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of owning and consulting companies since 2001 with their overhead figures, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors … including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.  All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. 
If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET OUR INFORMATION. 

If you signed up for one of our webinars, at the end of the training webinar I will make you an offer to work more closely with me and to give our online software a try, however you obviously do not have to take advantage of that. The webinar lasts about 90 minutes and I hold absolutely nothing back. You are going to love it!  I will be giving away a contractor Chart of Accounts template swipe file, a $500 value for free to all viewers at the end of the training!